What an intense hour of television: “Cry Havoc” Recap

A Grimm Reality

“Grimm” has officially made me cry.  I see this as a rite of passage for this show–if I am truly invested in a show, then it will, at some point, make me cry.

Warning, Grimmsters: If you have not seen the finale, then you’re reading this at your own risk.

Everyone in the Scooby gang is a badass, even Bud, in his own special way.  We pick up right where we left off, with Nick screaming over his mother’s head in the box.  Trubel warns that this could be a trap, and she’s right–there are Hundjagers waiting to attack him.  Nick, Trubel, and Hank manage to escape.

Juliette brings Diana to King Frederick.  She never seems truly comfortable with what she’s doing, and when the king learns that his minions missed out on their chance to kill Nick, Juliette smirks.  Is there humanity left within her?  It’s too ambiguous, and…

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