Christian Reflections on Grimm: The Inner Hexenbiest

The Sacred in the Secular


Lately, I’ve been watching Grimm, and contemplating Juliette’s plight. After a Hexenbiest (sort of a witch-like creature, known for violence and vindictiveness) robbed Nick of his Grimm abilities, Juliette had to temporarily become one in order to restore them. Now, the Hexenbiest part is sticking and she is freaking out, because every time she gets irritated, or afraid, or upset, her face morphs into a hideous zombie-like creature and she … um … causes things to explode. Like car engines. And sometimes the back of someone’s head. In short, she transforms into what Monroe likes to call a Hexenbitch. Oops.

I’m never quite sure in life if I go through things because entertainment tugs at my spiritual connection or if God maneuvers me into a place where I am emotionally ready to hear what He has to say when I encounter myself in entertainment, but … I feel…

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