Grimm Video: A Hare-Raising Practice Makes Rosalee Hoppin’ Mad


Rabbit feet are said to bring good luck… unless you’re the rabbit.

And when a bunny-like species of supernatural creature find themselves hunted in this week’s Grimm, well, do not get Rosalee started.

Friday’s episode — which airs in the NBC series’ new time slot at 8/7c — finds shady Wesen fertility clinics offering struggling couples the severed feet of rabbit-esque creatures. Put ’em under your bed, the monstrous wisdom suggests, and you’ll have a family in no time!

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Nick and Hank get wind of the practice and consult their personal Wesen-pedia (Monroe and his missus), which leads to Rosalie’s aforementioned ire.

Press PLAY on the exclusive clip below to find out how far the newlyweds are willing to go to help their Grimm pal.

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