A Grimm Look at Writers’ Impact on Rape Culture

The Sacred in the Secular


As a writer, I am painfully aware of what I am doing at every stage in writing conflict between characters. I am aware of the symbolic meaning of their actions, so whenever I am striding into allegorical rape territory (behavior mimicking aggression, dominance, or positioning, though there is no actual sexual contact), I am intentionally choosing to write it that way for a specific reason, to make a statement about that character, and to increase a sense of anxiety in the reader.

So, whenever other writers use rape symbolism in their work, I tend to think they too are aware of what they are doing; yet, at times, I wonder why they choose to do it, particularly if it reflects negatively on their “hero.” Maybe in some instances, it is purely unintentional and they are oblivious to the broader connotations, but I doubt it. Most of the time, this…

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