Grimm Post Mortem: Claire Coffee on Vengeance, Vermin & ‘Gossipy’ Wesen


Claire Coffee has a habit, every time she receives a new Grimm script, of taking note of Adalind’s trajectory over the course of the hour.

“I usually map it out a little bit, emotionally, to see where I’m starting and where I’m going,” she tells TVLine, adding with a chuckle, “The end of last season and the beginning of this season, it’s like, how low can it go?!”

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That’s a hypothetical that Coffee may not want to ask, given that this week’s episode finds her Hexenbiest alter ego locked up in a dungeon, and next week’s — we’ve seen it — doesn’t really improve upon the situation. Meanwhile, little Diana is out there in the world without her Wesen mommy…

“I keep thinking all the Adalind haters are going to be super-excited at…

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