‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: A New Werewolf Teenager Is Bitten In Beacon Hills

Hollywood Life

In the July 7 episode of ‘Teen Wolf’, we meet a new werewolf teenager, a new supernatural creature altogether, and Stiles talks about Scott’s butt again. Full recap of ‘Muted’ below!

The July 7 episode of Teen Wolf went back to basics — to werewolf teenagers, to lacrosse, and to mortal peril. (Not that our intrepid heroes have ever really left the stage of mortal peril.) In “Muted,” we meet newcomers Liam and Garrett and the creepy mouthless dude from the trailers that is likely working for The Benefactor. Furthermore, a new supernatural creature is added to the Teen Wolf roster, and, as ever, there are homoerotic undertones ahoy!

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