The Originals Season 1 Review

So, I pondered...

It was no real surprise that The Originals did well this season. It took one aspect that The Vampire Diaries traditionally did very well and applied it to a batch of characters that were already inherently interesting. The show knows how to do twists like no others. We came to the close of the season after experiencing one large arc and two smaller arcs that divided the season into two. The result, was an enjoyable first season.

From a Cradle to a GraveThe baby
The biggest aspect of the season was undoubtedly the baby. From episode one it was very clear that Hayley was going to have Klaus’ child and that baby was a big deal. It was a baby, which like Klaus would be a hybrid. In fact, the baby would be at an advantage as it would be born a hybrid, with no magic necessary. And it came as a shock because Klaus…

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