The Originals – From a Cradle to a Grave (Season Finale)

So, I pondered...

There was an eerie moment as Hayley retreated into her own mind as she was held by the witches. It was a moment from before everything went to hell last episode. But as quick as that memory was, we were brought back into the present as Klaus broke in to save Hayley. But with all of the witches there, he couldn’t do much. Hayley had the baby rather early and soon the baby would be sacrificed. But Monique slit Hayley’s throat. In true proof that he wasn’t just in it for the baby any more, Klaus was devastated. Freed from their hold, Klaus could do nothing but clutch a dead Hayley until Elijah arrived.

From a Cradle to a GraveDavina on the other hand was out to save Josh and that meant getting Klaus’ blood to do the spell to bring back Mikael. Davina collects his blood, but Marcel makes it clear that there’s only…

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