‘Game Of Thrones’: Bran Stark’s Secret Betrayed — Fans React to Plot Change

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Diehard ‘Game Of Thrones’ fans were pretty surprised by the April 27 episode — ‘Oathkeeper’ — in which an important secret of Bran’s was betrayed.

While the HBO series cannot possibly be expected to integrate every plot point from the Song Of Ice And Fire novels, diehard fans were pretty surprised by a huge departure from the books that appeared on the April 27 episode of Game Of Thrones. In “Oathkeeper,” a vital secret of Bran Stark’s was betrayed — and while it’s true that many fans were upset, some were excited by HBO’s interpretation of Bran’s storyline. Read on for what people have been saying — but beware of book spoilers! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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