The Originals – An Unblinking Death

So, I pondered...

This episode really was all about Kieran, he is dying from insanity, remember. It’s been a while since we’ve actually seen him. He’s seeing things and attacked Cammy. Nonetheless, Cammy is still doing everything she can for her uncle with the help of Josh. That was when she got her crazy idea to shock Kieran into releasing the sliver of himself, freeing him from all that crazy.

An Unblinking DeathElijah truly is running the show now. He’s the one giving orders to Klaus now and shutting things down.Klaus is determined to help Hayley in his own way. It just happens that fostering this relationship helps him. Hayley meanwhile is waist deep with the werewolves of the bayou. Elijah wants to keep the wolves from working with Klaus as he doesn’t believe it would be safe. The wolves aren’t so sure because Klaus is the only one who can get them the moonlight…

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