The Originals – The Big Uneasy

So, I pondered...

Klaus isn’t shy to admit that his fling with Genevieve is just the product of successfully sealing the peace within the bayou. Klaus is in fact actually trying to upend the peace from the inside out. He’s doing everything he can to help the werewolves in the bayou, but that means they need to help him and make it seem like Elijah’s treaty is working. In the background, Klaus is working with Oliver. He requested that a descendant of Klaus’ tribe be brought to him

The Big UneasyDavina and Monique are still working together as the harvest girls. While their relationship still seems on the rocks it seems to be mending a bit because of their bond. Monique acknowledges that the ancestors channeled through her and they want all the harvest girls to be resurrected. That means Genevieve needs to die. However, Genevieve isn’t about to roll over and allow herself to…

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