‘Teen Wolf’ Shouldn’t Have Killed Off [SPOILER]

Hollywood Life

Fans were shocked after the March 17 episode of ‘Teen Wolf’ killed off one of its core characters. It was revealed after the show aired that the actor playing this character wanted to be written out, but was their death really the best way to do it?

Another post-Moonday, another heavy heart. Jeff Davis, why do you wound your fans so? In the most shocking — and pointless — death of the series’ run, a fan favorite and core cast member was stabbed through the stomach by one of the “Oni” — the dark henchmen now controlled by the nogitsune with Stiles’ (Dylan O’Brien‘s) face. In an exclusive post-mortem interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor that was killed off revealed that they actually wanted to be written out of Teen Wolf! But was the best way to honor their wishes (and their character’s memory) to kill them…

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