The Originals – Long Way Back From Hell

So, I pondered...

The Originals are not in a good place. Rebekah is being tortured by Genevieve on an abandoned school campus. While Rebekah is having nightmares and hallucinations, Celeste has Klaus unconscious on a slab inside. Elijah is the only one free and he’s going through his own issues as he tries to find his siblings. Celeste had Monique deliver a message to Elijah through a spell. Now Elijah is covered in names of dead witches, which supposedly hold the clue to finding his siblings.

Klaus Klaus

Klaus woke up to Genevieve teasing and torture him. She pities him and how weak he is. Her idea of torture was using Rebekah’s blood to show him her past betrayal. It doesn’t surprise Klaus to see Rebekah and Marcel together. He was finally rattled when he learned that Rebekah had got Genevieve to make contact with their father. Klaus doesn’t want, can’t believe that Rebekah…

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