‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Does Stiles Finally Lose His V-Card?

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On the Feb. 24 episode of ‘Teen Wolf,’ we see Stiles in a psychiatric hospital, we learn more about Malia, we see those two totally make out and it’s crazy sensual, and ‘Teen Wolf’ asks the question: are we ready for Stiles as a werewolf?!

The Feb. 24 episode of Teen Wolf — “Echo House” — finds us at Eichen House, a psychiatric hospital that Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) has decided to check himself into in order to try and keep everybody safe. I don’t think we need to tell you that this plan will prove to be wildly unsuccessful. However, Stiles does lose his v-card there! Possibly. It’s so hard to tell when Dylan O’Brien insists on keeping his shirt on at all times. For these brilliant insights and more, see below for our recap of “Echo House!”

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