The Originals – The Casket Girls

So, I pondered...

We jumped right back in to the show with a flash back of one of Rebekah’s killing fests as she ate the men and freed the women. It was a statement of feminism from Rebekah that still lives on as a New Orleans tradition called The Casket Girls. On Bourbon street it looks more like another excuse for people to party. Even now Rebekah seems to relish in the legacy she created.

Davina and Cammy are right back to restoring Cammy’s memories. Everything that happened between Klaus and Cammy is rushing back and it took hours, but everything that had been hidden from her is now clear. Coping with what happened to her brother and everyone who knew about the truth other than her is getting to her. When Cammy finally woke in the church, she accused her uncle of keeping the truth of her brother from her.

Keeping with…

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