Arrow – Crucible

So, I pondered...

Arrow goes against gang bangers. Can I start by saying I hate stereotypes and I hate gangs. Thus anything to bring down The Mayor, or so the leader of the gang goes by, was a welcome stopping goal. Really the Mayor was one of the flattest villains that have appeared on the show thus far. When Black Canary finally dispatched him, I didn’t really feel sorry to see him go. His return at the end of the episode was rather lame. It was even more disappointing that we had all of that build up just to see him die at the hands of Brother Blood.

About that. Brother Blood! is on the scene in the lovely package of Kevin Alejandro. It is great, but we all know it was coming already.

Felicity is a smart girl for realizing that Black Canary wasn’t following Oliver but Laurel. Considering Black Canary is…

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