Everything is “Tangled Up In Blue” On This Weeks The Originals


Adele Fredeluces
Staff Writer

This week on The Originals, the Mikaelson siblings start a war and Marcel gets distracted by a certain blonde. In case you missed it last week, in an attempt to get back the brother she cherishes the most, Rebekah decided to go up against Marcel and his secret weapon, a young witch determined to kill the Original family. The power [and attitude] Rebekah possesses doesn’t compare to Davina at all.

However, Rebekah isn’t the only one who’s missing Elijah. Hayley’s stuck in the middle of Klaus and Rebekah’s constant bickering, it’s no wonder she misses Elijah. I miss him too, Hayley, I miss him too.

The two undaggered siblings reveal to the werewolf girl their simple plan to get their elder brother back. Klaus will simply ask for Elijah back. And if all else fails, plan B will set into motion: World War Klaus. We all…

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