Grimm Star Claire Coffee Previews What to Expect Now That Adalind’s Hexpecting (Again!)

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And here we thought Grimm‘s first hybrid baby was going to be a Blutbau or a Fuchsbad or something of that ilk.

But nope; as viewers of last week’s episode are well aware, NBC’s fairytale drama (Friday, 8/7c) is moving forward with another Adalind pregnancy (spurred by actress Claire Coffee‘s real-life expectant state).

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that the only person the cunning Ms. Schade bedded lately was Nick — and that was 1) while she was in the guise of his longtime love, Juliette, and 2) as part of an effort to strip him of his Grimm (read: monster-fighter) powers.

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“Yes, Nick is the father,” Coffee says, laughing. “It is insane. And now that Juliette is a Hexenbiest and they’re really pushing her character into such a dark place — and Bitsie [Tulloch] is…

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Exclusive ‘Grimm’ sneak peek video: Renard gets a roommate

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At the end of last week’s episode of Grimm, Juliette walked away from Nick after proclaiming that their relationship could never be the same again. Even though Nick professed his undying love and support to her, Juliette woged in front of him and didn’t really appreciate the fact he couldn’t even look at her face. One may think Nick deserves a little time to get used to everything, but not Juliette. She has powerful, witchy Hexenbiest blood running through her veins now, and she decides to turn to someone else for help instead.

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Grimm Stars, EPs Tease Nick and Juliette’s ‘Biestly Confrontation

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Grimm‘s beauty is officially a (Hexen)biest — and tonight (NBC, 8/7c), her significant other has to figure out how he wants to handle that.

Yep, this week’s episode is the one where Nick, who by birthright and choice is tasked with wiping out the fairytale monsters of the world, reels as he realizes that his longtime girlfriend Juliette has become one of the uglies he hunts.

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“She knows my history with Hexenbiests,” star David Giuntoli says when TVLine visits the series’ Portland, Ore., set. Plus, her new state of being is “probably affecting her mood and stability a bit. She’s becoming something else. It’s not Juliette really there, entirely, anymore. It’s like there’s a new lobe up in her brain.”

He adds with a laugh, “It’s like I say: Hexenbiest is the worst STD she could catch.”


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Revenge Sneak Peek: Will Emily and Victoria Team Up to Stop Margaux?

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It may be July on Revenge, but when Emily and Victoria reunite this week — on the very spot Daniel was killed, no less — the Hamptons are in for some seriously icy weather.

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In TVLine’s exclusive clip from Sunday’s episode (ABC, 10/9c), an uninvited Victoria accuses Emily of voting against a wing being named in Daniel’s honor, which Emily vehemently denies.

But while Emily has Victoria’s ear, she takes the opportunity to discuss the real issue at hand: Margaux’s constant meddling into the lives of everyone Emily cares about — most recently Jack, who was hauled off in the back of a police car this past Sunday.

Could this be the beginning of a beautiful — or, at the very least, tepid — partnership between the Hamptons’ most infamous rivals? Or will Emily have to deal with Ms. Lame-marchal…

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Vampire Diaries‘ Annie Wersching on Lily’s Arrival: Can She Save Stefan?

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Damon finally comes face-to-face with Mama Salvatore on Thursday’s Vampire Diaries (The CW, 8/7c), but as newcomer Annie Wersching explains, this ain’t no Oprah Winfrey Show family reunion.

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Grimm Video: A Hare-Raising Practice Makes Rosalee Hoppin’ Mad

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Rabbit feet are said to bring good luck… unless you’re the rabbit.

And when a bunny-like species of supernatural creature find themselves hunted in this week’s Grimm, well, do not get Rosalee started.

Friday’s episode — which airs in the NBC series’ new time slot at 8/7c — finds shady Wesen fertility clinics offering struggling couples the severed feet of rabbit-esque creatures. Put ‘em under your bed, the monstrous wisdom suggests, and you’ll have a family in no time!

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Nick and Hank get wind of the practice and consult their personal Wesen-pedia (Monroe and his missus), which leads to Rosalie’s aforementioned ire.

Press PLAY on the exclusive clip below to find out how far the newlyweds are willing to go to help their Grimm pal.

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Jake Gyllenhaal & Dakota Johnson Romance: He’s Desperate To Win Her Back

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Somebody’s crushing hard on Dakota Johnson. And it turns out: it’s her ex, Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake hopes Dakota believes in second chances because a new report says that he is desperate to get back with her!

It’s been years since Jake Gyllenhaal, 34, and Dakota Johnson, 25, had their brief romantic fling. But the time apart hasn’t cooled Jake’s feelings, as the Nightcrawler star still has the hots for his ex! Maybe seeing her in Fifty Shades Of Grey brought back some pleasant memories because a new report claims that Jake has been trying awfully hard to woo Dakota back!

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