‘Teen Wolf’: Who Is The Benefactor? Top Theories Including Danny & More

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We’re nearly midway into Season 4 of ‘Teen Wolf’, and the mystery of The Benefactor is weighing as heavily on fans’ minds as is the mystery of where Derek’s eyebrows go when he shifts. Read on for the prevailing theories!

The mystery of The Benefactor is one of the most compelling storylines we’ve seen from Teen Wolf since the mystery of the Kanima in Season 2. However, while the Kanima could have been literally anybody, what we’ve seen from The Benefactor’s motivations thus far are murky enough that they’re throwing fans off of any particular trail. The mystery is especially compounded by the fact that dead things don’t stay dead in Beacon Hills, giving us a way larger pool to choose from. Read on for the prevailing theories, and let me know who you think is the one responsible for killing off the supernaturals in Beacon Hills! (Spoiler: my money’s…

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Zoe Saldana Reveals Baby Bump On Instagram: Pregnant With First Child?

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Could it be? Is the gorgeous Zoe Saldana pregnant with her first child? A new photo on Zoe’s Instagram reveals a very telling baby bump. Congrats, Zoe!

Zoe Saldana, 36, could be expecting her first child with Italian artist husband Marco Perego, 36. The couple were married in June 2013, and rumors have been swirling for quite some time that they are expecting together. Now, it seems as if Zoe has decided to stop trying to hide her growing baby bump!

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The Originals Season 2: EPs Talk Klaus’ Crisis, Haylijah’s ‘Friction’ and More

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With exactly 11 weeks until the second season premiere of The Originals, TVLine caught up with executive producers Julie Plec and Michael Narducci for the scoop on what the Big Easy has in store for our (anti)heroes.

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Video: A young Jennifer Connelly auditions for ‘Labyrinth’

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[ew_image url="http://img2.timeinc.net/ew/i/2014/06/23/labyrinth-jennifer-connelly.jpg" credit="Georges De Keerle/Getty Images" align="left"]

Today, Jennifer Connelly is a Hollywood A-lister: She won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 2001 for A Beautiful Mind and has starred in a number of other critically acclaimed films, including Requiem for a Dream and Blood Diamond.

Back in the 1980s, however, well before achieving said A-list status, Connelly was a little-known actress. One major film that put he on the map: Jim Henson’s 1986 film Labyrinth, also famously starring David Bowie.

The film tells the story of Sarah (Connelly), a 15-year-old who wishes her baby half-brother, Toby (Toby Froud), away to Jareth the Goblin King (Bowie). Sarah, who then has a change of heart, must complete Jareth’s Labyrinth in 13 hours or else Jareth will keep Toby.

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Grimm Locks Up OITNB Actress for Mysterious Season 4 Arc

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Grimm is turning to an Orange Is the New Black co-star to catch Weston Steward’s killer.

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Elizabeth Rodriguez, AKA Daya’s mom on OITNB, is joining the NBC thriller’s fourth season as Special Agent Chavez, one of four FBI agents assigned to investigate the recent homicide of Weston (played by C. Thomas Howell). While she may come off as typically no-nonsense, we’ll learn that she has a lot more invested in (and a lot more to offer to) this case than anyone could possibly have guessed.

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Grimm returns Friday, Oct. 24, at 9/8c. Also, if you’re attending Comic-Con next week, the show’s panel — featuring the entire cast — will take place Saturday, July 26, at 3 pm in Ballroom 20.

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‘Homeland’: New Action-Packed Trailer For Season 4 — Watch It Now

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Season 4 of ‘Homeland’ premieres October 5 on Showtime — check out the first trailer and tell us if you’ll be mourning the loss of Brody!

Six months after the turbulent events of the Season 4 finale of Homeland which saw Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) hanged, Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is back, and possibly more pissed off than ever. Check out the Season 4 trailer, and read on to find out what you can expect from Homeland in Season 4!

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‘Homeland’ season 4 intense first trailer

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[ew_image url="http://img2.timeinc.net/ew/i/2014/07/18/Homeland-S4-keyart_612x380.jpg" credit="" align="none"]Carrie Mathison is back in action (“Get the f— out of my face!”) in the first trailer from season 4 of Showtime’s Homeland. Below is the first video from the return of the espionage drama, which is doing a major reboot this year after the departure of star Damian Lewis. The show has an entirely new setting — the season largely takes place overseas in Pakistan and Afghanistan as CIA case officer Carrie struggles to maintain stability in the region following the pullout of U.S. forces in Afghanistan (our extensive Q&A with the Homeland showrunner here). Plus there are several new cast members as well, including Corey Stoll, Suraj Sharma, Laila Robins, and Michael O’Keefe.

Showtime also announced the show’s return date — Sunday, Oct. 5. Also new is the show’s key art, above and below, which is rather amazing.

Check out the video below:

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