‘The Vampire Diaries’: Director Paul Wesley explains why he nixed a shirtless moment in this week’s episode — LISTEN!

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Paul Wesley stepped behind the camera to direct the April 17 episode of The Vampire Diaries, and while the hour will give viewers answers about new arrival Markos (Raffi Barsoumian) — “This guy is creating this alternate reality that is manifesting in Stefan and Elena’s mind, and that alternate reality is actually a set of clues leading to something,” he teases — there is one thing it won’t have: Stefan shirtless. The script originally called for it: “It was this beautiful scene where Stefan takes Elena, and he picks her up and kisses her, and they go on the kitchen counter and things get kinda hot and heavy. But rather than sexualizing it, I decided to make it romantic,” he says in an interview airing Thursday on Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM 105). “I pitched it to the writers – I was like ‘Guys, I think this should be romantic and not…

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‘The Originals’ recap: Three men and a baby

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Welcome back to New Orleans, everybody! I don’t know about you all, but I have missed this place, bloodshed and all. I even missed Thierry’s hats. OK, I especially missed Thierry’s hats, but that’s not important. What is important is the theme of this week’s episode, which was all about picking a side in the war that’s about to come to a head. And nobody — I mean nobody — is messing around. Let’s dig in, shall we?

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‘The Originals’ Recap: Marcel Declares War On Klaus & Elijah

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After a short hiatus, ‘The Originals’ returned with an episode that laid down the foundation for one epic showdown.

The April 15 return of The Originals was one to remember. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) continued to reign over New Orleans, a celebration ended in tragedy and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) waged war on the original vampires! Let’s head to the French Quarter!

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The Originals – The Big Uneasy

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Klaus isn’t shy to admit that his fling with Genevieve is just the product of successfully sealing the peace within the bayou. Klaus is in fact actually trying to upend the peace from the inside out. He’s doing everything he can to help the werewolves in the bayou, but that means they need to help him and make it seem like Elijah’s treaty is working. In the background, Klaus is working with Oliver. He requested that a descendant of Klaus’ tribe be brought to him

The Big UneasyDavina and Monique are still working together as the harvest girls. While their relationship still seems on the rocks it seems to be mending a bit because of their bond. Monique acknowledges that the ancestors channeled through her and they want all the harvest girls to be resurrected. That means Genevieve needs to die. However, Genevieve isn’t about to roll over and allow herself to…

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‘The Originals’: Danielle Campbell on a witchy celebration, and the moment ‘all hell breaks loose’ — EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

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The Originals is finally back from hiatus! So if you’ve been missing Elijah’s suits, Klaus’ schemes, or Marcel’s scarves, fear not! We are headed back to New Orleans tonight to catch up with our favorite vampires, werewolves, witches, humans, and that one pesky (but lovable) hybrid. More specifically, we’re headed back for the Feast of Blessings, a celebration of the town’s witches.

We caught up with Danielle Campbell to talk about the feast, what comes next for Davina, and just how crazy this season’s finale is going to be:

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‘The Following’ stars open up about the latest shocking death; plus, an EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

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This story contains details about Monday’s episode of The Following. Proceed with caution!

While we certainly didn’t see Lily Gray’s demise in the cards, Connie Nielsen says she saw her character’s death coming “a mile away.” From her perspective, Lily’s days were always numbered. But sad as Nielsen is to be among the casualties this season, she tells EW, “I think [she died] exactly how she came in — she came in really just outrageous and strong and unafraid.” “I feel like she went exactly the way she would have wanted to go.”

But how did she go? That’s yet another twisted chapter to this story.

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‘Jersey Shore’s Pauly D Finally Has Custody Of Love Child, Now 11 Months

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Pauly D has finally worked out a temporary custody agreement with his daughter’s mother, Amanda Markert. Now that Pauly has made being a father a priority, will the court allow him full custody in the near future?

Pauly D, 33, and the mother of his child, Amanda Merkert, 25, seem to be putting their differences aside and working on their co-parenting skills. Finally!

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